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Under The Feather Farm
Producing family friendly sheep that turn heads

We are a small farm located in Roberts Creek on the beautiful Sunshine Coast BC Canada

For Sale

2023 Lambs:
Double Registered Miniature Babydoll
  - Valais Blacknose 50% (F1) and 75% (F2)
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Currently available (Fall 2022)
- Valais Blacknose ram lamb
- Valais Blacknose bred ewes


Puppy is a 50% Valais Blacknose ram lamb. He has all the wonderful traits of the Valais, including people oriented personality, excellent conformation and amazing wool that curls in ringlets.

He could be wethered to make an awesome fibre sheep if you don't want to breed with him. $1200.






Jane is a 4 year old, large Clun Forest x Canadian Arcott ewe. She is a highly productive ewe had triplet Babydoll x lambs this spring for us, and triplets, twins and twins before we bought her. She lambed without any trouble and raised all three without any help. She also let one of the Babydoll lambs nurse from her too.

She was a 4H lamb and is very friendly and easy to handle. She loves her scratches, comes over to get them and will remind you by pawing with her front foot if you stop. Jane is the boss ewe and leads the flock out to pasture and back to the barn every day.

$1400 bred *see below for details





Hanna is a yearling, born in the spring of 2021 and is a Romanov, Charollais and  Corriedale cross.

Hanna was bred by AI and this spring (2022) delivered Puppy, our Valais Blacknose x ram lamb, as a yearling.

Her twin sister Selene had triplets as a yearling this spring, so the genetic potential is there for Hanna.

She is an excellent mom, delivered easily and looked after her lamb well.

Hanna is a large ewe and can be quite friendly.

$1350 bred *see below for details





Selene is the sister of Hanna. A yearling, born in the spring of 2021 and is a Romanov, Charollais and  Corriedale cross.

Selene delivered triplets this spring and raised all three without any help. She is an excellent mom and very friendly. We were able to milk her after her lambs were weaned and she just stood still for it.

*May be staying here to make 2023 babies. If not she will be $1400.


Bred ewe purchase information

Cutest sheep in the world alert!!!  We are excited to offer a rare opportunity to own three ewes, Jane, Hanna and Selene, bred to a purebred 100% Valais Blacknose ram. Valais Blacknose sheep make great pets, they are so friendly they can easily become family members, they have wonderful fleece and are used as meat animals in their native home.

The Valais Blacknose are new to Canada. This is only the third year lambs sired by VBN rams have been born here and breeders are keeping all their ewe lambs so it is hard to get ewe lambs unless you go through the expensive and not very successful procedure of laparascopic artificial insemination. I spent $2500 to breed three ewes in 2020 and only Sunshine became pregnant, happily she delivered triplets including Annie and Claire. Last fall for $5000 I had six ewes laiíd and only Hanna became pregnant and had a single ram lamb, Puppy this spring.


Valais Blacknose sheep canít be imported live into Canada so they are being bred here through a breed up program where you breed the partbred ewes to a 100% Valais Blacknose ram and by the 5th generation they are 96.25% and considered purebred.  Some are also being born here from imported frozen embryos. These are rare and expensive.

Hanna, Selene and Jane will have been bred by live cover. I use a marking harness with a coloured crayon that leaves a mark on their rump when the ram mounts to breed. They will be left in with the ram through their next expected heat cycle at about 17 days, and if she isnít marked by the ram again, it means she hasnít come into heat again. This means sheís pregnant*. This has always resulted in lambs on schedule in the past for me.

There is no guarantee of lambs. Due to conditions outside of our control we cannot guarantee you will have any lambs born. Pregnancies can be lost if the ewe is stressed, malnourished or gets sick. Once the ewe leaves our property, we have no control over her health or care so we don't offer any guarantee.

Having said that they are ideal breeding ewes because they are:

-          Prime breeding age - Hanna and Selene are yearlings and Jane is four,

-          Proven Ė have had lambs and great Selene and Jane had triplets last year by live cover and Hanna had a single VBN ram lamb by lai

-          Big ewes - VBN are big sheep so these ewes will easily be able to carry them

-          Good udders - no mastitis


*There are exceptions which can include the ewes not cycling because:

- itís late in the breeding season, this happens after December for some short season breeds, these are long season breeds and will have an extended breeding season

- they are old or sick, these three are all young and in perfect breeding condition



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