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Under The Feather Farm
Producing family friendly sheep that turn heads

We are a small farm located in Roberts Creek on the beautiful Sunshine Coast BC Canada

Babydoll Sheep

We have been breeding Babydoll Southdown Miniature sheep since we fell in love with our first pair which we imported from Ontario. They have delightful, friendly personalities, are very easy to handle and care for which makes them perfect for the new flock owner and always have a smile for you.

All our Babydolls are double registered with both OEBMSSR - Olde English Babydoll Minature Southdown Sheep Registry and with BSSBA - Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association. In 2023 we will be registering with OEBMSSR and BSRA - Babydoll Sheep Registry Association. Lambs will still be registerable with BSSBA.


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We will have a very limited number of Babydoll lambs coming in 2023
Clover will be the first to lamb in early February
Black or White Ewe lambs - $1100
Black or white ram lambs - $800
Black or White wethers - $500




Clover our youngest ewe, is one of our lambs. She is quite a character and got to visit the house after climbing into the water bucket and getting chilled.

She is a very short ewe just like her dad who is from the same breeder as Vanilla, her mum is Sunshine. She is also our darkest ewe and stays black year round though the tips of her fleece fade to a reddish colour.



Flower is a sweet, gentle ewe. She usually has twins and is a fantastic mother looking after her lambs very well.

She has a mottled coat which you can see when she is just sheared and carries the spotted gene. She loves to have her pats and scratches and is usually the first to come over and visit.

You'll have to excuse her slightly ragged look, she was hand sheared and I'm still figuring that out - Lisa



Sunshine is our only white ewe. She has fantastic conformation and a cute way of looking at you with her  head tilted like she is listening hard to what you're saying.

She is the mother of our 2021 Valais x lambs and surprised us with triplets. She did a great job of looking after all three of them. She had triplet Babydoll lambs in 2022 and we're looking forward to seeing if she repeats with triplet Valais Blacknose x lambs in 2023.

Vanilla is our flock ram. We are very happy to have him passing on his fantastic qualities to all of our lambs.

He is very short for a ram, at only 23 at the shoulder he is well under the 26 that is allowed by the OEBR breed registry.

He also has a fabulous mellow temperament. Vanilla is very respectful of people and has never damaged any of our buildings or fences.

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