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Under The Feather Farm
Producing family friendly sheep that turn heads

We are a small farm located in Roberts Creek on the beautiful Sunshine Coast BC Canada

Our Valais Blacknose x Ewes and Foundation Ewes


Our 2021 Valais Blacknose x Babydoll (Sunshine) lambs - Claire, Marshmallow and Annie

We are excited to be among the first breeders of "The Cutest Sheep in the World" in Canada.

We got into breeding these sheep because they truly are the Cutest Sheep in the world but after falling in love with the personalities and friendliness of our part bred lambs we would breed them even if they were boring to look at. Not that that has been a problem because they have all been very cute.

The 50% Valais Blacknose have such wonderful, people oriented personalities. They love people and are easy to handle. The biggest problem is trying to get anything done while surrounded by them wanting your attention. We found they are even friendlier than the Babydolls sheep which are well known for pet qualities.

Due to Canadian regulations it is not possible to import Valais Blacknose sheep into Canada from their home country so we have been using imported frozen semen for the breed-up program. The breed up program involves using imported frozen semen from registered purebred rams to laparoscopically artificially inseminate ewes. There are only two vets in BC and Alberta that have the special skills and equipment to carry out this procedure and the cost is high with sometimes marginal results. Our first year, we bred three ewes and only one, Sunshine, our Babydoll ewe became pregnant. She delivered triplets this spring. We kept the two ewe lambs, Annie and Claire and Marshmallow went to a wonderful home on Vancouver Island. Last year, November 2021, breeding six ewes only resulted in one ram lamb, Puppy. He is such a character and really reinforced our love of the breed.

We will be keeping the ewe lambs but any ram lambs will be available for sale as rams or neutered wethers.

We will have lambs arriving spring 2023 from Annie, Claire, Sunshine, Dahlia and Daisy. See these ewes below.

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These lambs are due spring 2023
We will have wethers and ram lambs for sale and likely be keeping all the ewe lambs




Annie is one of our first Valais Blacknose x lambs. Sunshine our registered Babydoll had triplet lambs in 2021. We kept her two ewe lambs Annie and Claire.

Annie was the smallest, only half the size of her siblings. She is now almost as big as Claire and has very nice long curly wool closer to a Valais than a Babydoll.

She is very friendly and loves to visit with people, always hanging out and hoping for attention.

She will have 75% Valais Blacknose lambs in 2023.



Claire is the other ewe of the triplet Valais Blacknose x Babydoll lambs born  to Sunshine our registered Babydoll in 2021.

Claire is a big ewe and takes after the Valais with her friendly, easy going personality. She is very mellow and like her sister was easy to halter train.

Her wool is very dense but shorter than Annie's.

She will have 75% Valais Blacknose lambs in 2023.






Sunshine is our double registered Babydoll ewe. She is an amazing mom, delivering and looking after triplets the past two years.

She produces the nicest lambs and we are looking forward to seeing her 2023 Valais x lambs.




Daisy is a registered Gotland sheep. Gotland sheep are known for their fabulous fleece, it's silky, lustrous wool.

We saw a photo of some Gotland x Valais Blacknose wethers with their long flowing fleece and had to try the cross ourselves. Daisy and Dahlia came available and were immediately added to our flock.

After Daisy was sheared she was so shiny it looked like she had a metallic coat on.



Dahlia is Daisy's half sister, a Gotland x Blue Faced Leicester ewe. The BFL is also known for it's fleece and Dahlia's is so soft, long and silky.

They are much faster than the Babydoll but very friendly and get up to the funniest things. Here Dahlia is using Daisy as a foot stool so she can reach the those tasty green leaves.

These 2023 babies will be amazing!


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