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Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hen)


We are very excited about our Svart Honas.Every time I see them, I do a double take because they are so black, all my other chickens, even the black ones have had a red comb and wattles to break up the black, but not these. Itís not only their colour that makes them stand out, they have a great personality, reminding me of a cat, cautious but curious and you feel honoured when they come up to you. When they know you they become quite friendly.

We have stock from two different farms and kept the best chicks and theyíve grown into stunning solid black birds with beautiful, big black eyes. Their feathers have an iridescent green and purple sheen to them in the sun. We selected chicks with black toes, toe nails, beaks and down to keep for our breeding flock.

Svart Hona are also known as the Swedish Black Hen, it is one of the few all black breeds, and when we say all black we mean all black, feathers, skin, comb and wattles and even internally the bones and all the connective tissue is black making the meat look black/very dark red. This is due to a genetic mutation called fibromelanosis which arose about 800 years ago in Asia, It is also found in the Ayam Cemani and Silkie.

Svart Hona are extremely rare but becoming more popular because of their colour but itís their personality that will make them a favourite, they are smart, quick and friendly. We handled ours daily for the first two weeks and they are surprisingly tame and not at all flighty. They have become one of our favourite breeds and we expect to have them for many years to come.

The Svart Hona has been bred to be productive and hens will lay about 150 eggs as compared to the very similar looking Ayam Cemani which only lays about 80 eggs per year. The eggs laid by both breeds are white or cream colour and any pictures showing black eggs are photoshopped or from another species, Cayuga duck and emu eggs sometimes look black.

Svart Hona are very capable foragers and quite small, almost bantam size with roosters weighing 4 lbs and hens 3 lbs. We have two lines in our breeding pen.


Temperament: active, curious, friendly
Bird size: small/medium
Egg colour: white
Size: small/medium
Price: $15 per chick


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