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Specializing in rare, heritage and fancy chicken breeds ideal for the backyard flock

Black Copper Marans / Breda Fowl / Svart Hona / The Barred Blues / Olive Egger
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Olive Eggers





A wonderful cross between a blue layer and a dark brown layer, hens lay an olive coloured egg. This is caused by the dark brown 'colouring' covering the blue egg.

We are using a Black Copper Marans rooster and have rumpless Araucana hens and a Cream Legbar x Breda Fowl hen for the blue layer. Chicks will be varied in colour and some will be rumpless. 


Temperament: active, easy to handle
Bird size: medium/large
Egg colour: olive
Size: large/extra large
Price: $12 per chick


Ordering Information

How to order: Read the information on our Order page for more information and details. 



Home / Chickens / Sheep / Classes / Order

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