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Belgian Bearded d'Uccle - Mille Fleur


These bantams are often called Mille Fleurs which is their colour, not their breed, but no matter what you call them, they are one of the prettiest chickens around with their spangled feathers, beard and muff, vulture hocks and extremely feathered feet. Each feather should be tipped with a black chevron and a white tip. Their colouring improves with age and they seem to change with every molt. About a quarter the size of a standard chicken these are true bantams with no full sized relative, unlike most bantams which have been bred down from standard sized birds.

Hens in 2020, they've matured with a little too much white on them, but still very pretty

These are my favourite bantams and some of the friendliest ones too. I'd always wanted to have some since I first saw pictures of them but they are so rare it was hard to find them and then a friend had some and well, it wasn't long before they were strutting around my farm too. I love the beauty of these little bantams and their friendly personality is a bonus.

Size comparison between Olive Egger and Mille Fleur

The hens are good producers of small eggs. As chicks they are significantly smaller than the standard sized chicks and so cute with their little fuzzy legs and miniature size.


Temperament: friendly, inquisitive, personality plus
Bird size: small
Egg colour: tinted (off white)
Size: small
Price: $14 per chick 


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