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The Barred Blues - Rumpless Blue Layers


We were taken by the looks of the rumpless Araucana but wanted a mellower bird better suited for the backyard flock so we crossed them with BBS (blue, black, splash) Ameraucanas and selected  the ones with blue (grey) barring for our breeding flock. We love the way they look and their friendly, easy going personality.

Most of the chicks are hatching barred and silver and rumpless with a few other colours and full tailed chicks appearing also. No matter how they look they will be fabulous layers of blue eggs.

Like most of the blue egg layers the hens are prolific layers, of medium-large size blue eggs and are the first to start laying. The roosters dress out well at 4 1/2 - 5 months with a nice full, blocky carcass.

Temperament: quiet, docile, gentle
Bird size: Medium
Egg colour: blue
Size: medium
Price: $12 per chick

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Home / Chickens / Sheep / Classes / Order

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